Looking for serious buyers and sellers for your hay, silage, or straw commodities?

Combyne is your personalized ag Marketplace. Save time finding deals. Make new connections. Grow your trading network, and choose exactly who sees your listings.

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An example of what the Combyne Marketplace looks like.
An example of what the Combyne Marketplace looks like.

We built the Combyne app with you in mind!

  • An icon to illustrate how farmers help build this product.

    Built with input from, and tested by hay farmers and buyers across Canada.

  • An icon depicting forage and straw commodities

    Listings designed specifically for Forage and Straw commodities.

  • Icon showing how you can upload test results and add specifications to your listings.

    Options to upload Lab Test results to listings and add specifications.

  • An icon that shows how you can filter the marketplace to find exactly what you are looking for

    Custom filters for Bale Type, Bale Size, Lab Tested, and more, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • An icon illustrating the various commodities we have available.

    Many Forage commodity varieties to choose from including Hay, Silage, Greenfeed, Straw, and more.

  • An icon illustrating how you can choose your location to filter the listings close to you.

    Choose your distance and location in the Marketplace so you can decide where you want to see listings.

A Marketplace with a wide variety of forage and straw commodities.

Bale of hay
  • Grass Hay
  • Greenfeed
  • Haylage
  • Legume Hay
  • Mixed Hay
  • Silage
  • Straw
  • Stover

Why use Combyne as your hay and straw Marketplace?

  • An icon illustrating how Combyne is free to use.

    There are no transaction or subscription fees to use Combyne.

  • Easy to use Icon

    Simple and easy to use on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

  • Trading network icon

    Expand your trusted trading network with new buyers or sellers.

  • Trade directly to other users icon

    Trade directly with buyers and sellers on the platform.

  • Icon for credit verified and bonded

    Find buyers that are Bonded or Credit-Verified by Combyne.

  • Business pages icon

    Create your own business page and add your employees.

Checkout what Combyne has to offer.

View a customized Marketplace

  • Add your contacts to see their listings
  • View listings available in your area
  • Compare prices on bids and offers
  • Use filters to quickly find relevant listings
Marketplace on Combyne

Chat in app with Combyne Messages

  • Start a conversation about a listing
  • See all of your message history
  • Call your connections directly
Chats on Combyne

Create listings to send to your connections

  • Post listings to buy or sell commodities
  • Choose to display it publicly, or only to your network
  • Indicate a price, quantity, and bale type
  • Add custom details, like Lab Test results
Listings on Combyne

Add your contacts to build Connections

  • Create your own network of trading partners
  • Add new connections so you will always see their listings
  • Search for new connections and businesses
Connections on Combyne

Build your brand with Combyne

  • Create a personalized business page for your company
  • Showcase your certifications
  • Add your employees to display their listings
  • Easily share your business page with your contacts
Business Page on Combyne

What our users are saying!

  • “I really like the idea of a tool that matches buyers and sellers because it takes the work away from me.”

    Kevin Serfas

    Serfas Farms (Turin AB)

  • “I see this tool as a new marketing opportunity for myself to find new buyers and expand my network. Plus I can get multiple buyers bidding on my listings.”

    Dylan Van Zeggelaar

    Grain Producer (Iron Springs, AB)

  • “I think Combyne could help me build my network of buyers so that I can expand into more specialty commodities and really understand the market demand.”

    Doug Kirk

    Grain Producer (Georgetown, IL)

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